Sunday, December 26, 2004

Asteroid on Collision course

On the news . Asteroid on collision course with Earth in 2029 . I still remember the last time such an announcement was made. About a comet on collision course with Earth somewhere in 2116 . Yeah we will be long gone, but the commentary's guess it will evaporate all the water on the earth before it even hits so maybe we wont feel the worst effects because we might die of dehydration . I think though the theory is flawed because comets itself are mostly made up of ice and no none power source like the sun, so no question of evaporating the water. Though an impact may do excessive damage to earth nonetheless.
Though it might be an irony that a phenomenon that actually started life on Earth would end life. I for one am a strong believer of panspermia-- the theory that an meteoric impact most likely a comet was responsible for life on earth -- rather than the theory of we being Martians. That would justify the real interest in Near Comet missions like the Stardust mission or the CONTOUR mission or even the NEAR mission on asteroid impacts. It will be real nice to see what scientist come out with. And to all those people who think the recent Mars mission was a waste of time should consider this . These missions can open up secrets of our existence and improve our ability to defend ourselves from the skies above.. which is no less dangerous than the terrorists down here. :)
Also one more thing to add. The bible says the world will end with a rain of fire. I wonder if its the will of God we are fighting against.
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