Monday, December 27, 2004

Stars in the sky

The night here is cold and cloudy but whenever the sky clears out, there is two celestial objects I look out for. One is the most brilliant nightwatcher.. the Moon ..
the other is the Orion constellation. Orion is more visible this time of the year then anytime. By midnight it spans the whole sky .. one end of the horizon to other. The belt of the Orion is the most beautiful sight. It represents a Greek warrior .. I guess Hercules ..
For anyone whoo wants to see it , just look out for the 3 stars in a line and a 4 star rectagle around this 3-star lining . also towards the right there are a set of 3-stars which looks like a bow . You will know you found Orion. Orion fascinated me mostly because of its mythological references. Almost all Greek literature has a reference to it.
Moon is the most romantic object in the sky. Apart from being compared to a womans face it also is most referenced in poetry and sadly in gore too.
Also for those who wake up early morning . look out for Venus . the brightest star at this point . THere are more constellations. I will just post it later


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