Saturday, January 01, 2005

Comet Machholz

Comet Machholz is gonna be the spectacle for the New Year. Will be a treat for us Northern Hemisphere amateur astronomers, if we can hope it wont be all cloudy and snowing. The supposed peak is on Jan 5-6.
I still remember my grandmother saying us to take a bath after seeing such celestial events as Solar eclipse or seeing a meteroite or comet. " Its a bad omen" she said. Now she is one of the stars in the sky.

Comets are one of the most interesting things in the sky . Technically they are satellites of the Sun, but have a really long and elliptical orbit. Most of the COmets dwell in the Kuiper belt. Its beleived to be mostly made of ice, and the tail is actually Ice condensing leaving a trail behind it. It happens when it is close to the Sun. Many of the comets may never come back again. For me its all the more interesting .. panspermia .. I guess i used that word in every post yet. I believe in that theory so strongly.


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