Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Age old question back in focus

Does Mars still have life? This question is raised again today by the European researchers handling the Mars Express orbiter.
A lot of methane at three crucial places on Mars along with a theory that underground water is still present suggest the possibiltity that there might still be microorganisms living under the surface which are the source of methane that we see. And we thought this matter was closed. Mars used to hold water for a long time ages ago and due to the core cooling down it caused gravity to cease and water to disappear into space along with microorganisms. Though it still a mystery whether microbes can do this trip in space and reach earth, it can be a possibility that we technically are Martians. Since the first time since Voyager sent Mars images and Viking orbiter images, Mars was always the greatest contender to find water. Since this research has ended in success still the enigma of Mars will never leave us. It still brings in something interesting and mysterious at the same time.
Mars research has not ended yet and there is still a lot to be discovered, possibly life. THis can be the greatest discoveries of the century.


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