Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Galactic Bulge.

Whenever we talk about about Galaxies .. we always talk about Galatic bulge. What is a galatic bulge. If you look to the center of the galaxy there is a disc formation and bulge exactly perpendicular. This bulge holds some of the most earliest stars in the galaxy. This bulge is due to the gravity fields of the cluster which are dense near the center. Depending of the cluster of the galaxy there may be a bigger bulge which may be due to strongly wound spiral arms or vice versa. But this part of the galaxy is really a pot puree of different events, like lensing events , strong and weak, and black holes and other star formations. Also there is a concept called as a Galactic Halo which is a great source of interest to scientists because this phenomenon of halo if proved would resolve the concept of dark matter. The galatic halo covers the entire galaxy but it is a little wider than the actual length of the galaxy and it is believed it contains dark matter.. mostly brown dwarfs or something that cannot be seen. So it would be interesting to see what scientists can discover.

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PS:- Gravitational microlensing post on its way soon

Friday, March 11, 2005

Trivia Pluto

Pluto - The ninth planet nearly 2 million miles from the Sun. It was found in 1930 and Named by a 11 year old named Venetia.
It is very faint from the Earth's surface because of the magnitude of 13.8..